Game Design

I completed my Game Design program from Conestoga College, Kitchener(ON) in April 2020. The following are my Game Projects that I worked on and some of the game assets I created to be parts of various individual projects.


Flicker [VR]

Flicker [VR] is a 1v1, Asymmetrical VR vs PC game with a horror element to it.

With nothing but a lighter and throwable objects, a Mortal (VR) must find a way to escape the room. Meanwhile the Ghoul (PC) will stalk, hunt, and haunt in this spooky and couch-petitive game.

This is a screen capture of the level design as in Scene view of the Unity project.

Flicker [VR]

Click on the link to check it out.

This is a GIF of the actual game from VR perspective.

My role in this project was of a Game Designer as a part of Capstone Project for Game Design Program at Conestoga College, Kitchener.

Low Poly City Procedural Generator

A single click generates a different city structure each time. This showcases an example of how a city structure would progress.

This is a grid based city generator using low poly assets. The assets were sourced from

The project generates a low poly city with a patterned based city structure in a set gird. This city is formed from 5 different types of buildings, roadways and few different arrangement of trees.

Low Poly City Generator

Click on the link to check it out.


Kitchen Scene

This scene shows a basic Kitchen corner.

The individual assets are modelled, textured, placed, and animated by me.

Kitchen Scene

Click on the link to check it out.

Modular Asset Kit

This modular asset kit was designed and modelled by me.

This modular asset kit was created for a 3D maze. The concept was inspired from 'Tron : Legacy' movie.

The asset kit contains various wall types, floor types, windows and doors with different color accents to them.

High Poly Steampunk Design Model

This high poly steampunk vehicle concept was modelled by me.

The design was inspired from

Poly Count: 159748

2D Game Spritesheet

This spritesheet was created for a 2D side-scrolling platformer game for one of my game design projects.

It consists of character sprites for idle, run, shoot and death animations.

It also contains the different level elements, the enemy and the goal sprites.

Character Design

This is charcter concpet designed by me which is based on modern Ninja.

The image has a colored 3/4th perspective and 3 poses in orthographic view in greyscale.

This 3 poses include front view, back view, and side view.