Graphic Design

I have worked professionally as a Graphic Designer for a company as well as freelancer. I have created logos, visual graphics and graphics for print media and also animated videos.



FHC Logo

The company CEO wanted to re-brand their logo, and move away from the archaic design of their past logo. The logo was completely redesigned keeping in mind the current material design trends and the education background of the company. I was striving to keep the logo uncomplicated and simple, and still reflect the values of the company.

Udiyo Logo

Logo conceptualized and designed for a corporate event - Udiyo (Flight). The client wanted the word YO (the company name was YO Edutech Solutions Pvt ltd.) to feature somewhere in the banner so I decided to stylize the bird in a way that showcased their brand name and the name of their event in one go, along with the concept of flight.


Solarise Logo

This logo is made for a company which generates electricity with solar power. The letter 'O' is represents the literal name of the company i.e. sun rising. The underlined blocks reprents the solar panels. And the letter 'S' is represented in the shape of electricity, generated from the solar panels.


GST Common Portal logo is a website which will help the common people as well as Professionals understand the intricacies of the GST (Tax) concept.


Video Animation

Sunkersett Explainer Video

This is an explainer video for an investment company. The graphics were provided by the company but the animation was done completely by me in after effects. This was a week long animation heavy project. The client was satisfied with the final draft of the video.

FHC Brand Video

An infographic video which outlines the journey of the company. The video was conceptualised and animated in After Effects by me.This video was completed in just 16 hrs including the conceptualisation, animation and final rendering output of this video.Since the time duration was quite short for the completion of this project, I had to opt for white board animation taking into consideration the re-work (if applicable), minor bug fixes, rendering time and system limitations for the final results.Eventually no major changes were required in the final draft of this video.It was completed well within the deadline and the efforts were appriciated by the CEO of the company.

The Magic Carrot

This is an Story Book video for an global spitritual group. The video animation is short story depicted in a 3D book with animations on its pages. The left leaf has the image animation and the right leaf has the text animations.

Graphic Art

FHC App Slider

This slider was designed for letting the students know of a discount offer on the Occassion of Indian festival of Diwali.

Festive Offer Slider

This slider was designed for the promotion of FHC mobile application on company's website.

404 Page

404 Page design for a mobile application. This is an education based apllication and the design depicts that the topic user is searching, is out of this world meaning 'not available'.

Low-Poly Design

This a low polygon design of a cat. The design is created using just the triangle shape, and the heterochromia in the cat makes the design stand out more.