UI/UX Design

During my education and experience in the creative industries, I developed an inclination towards the UI and UX Design. Folowing are some of the wireframes and prototypes for my work for a good User Interface and a great User Experience.

Flicker UI

Flicker UI

Click on the link to check it out.

This User Interface was designed for a game design project named Flicker[VR].

I have also scripted, designed the graphics and also animated the camera.


The UI has various diffrent screens: Main Menu, Rules Menu, Options Menu, Credits Menu and Quit Menu.

The Options Menu has two panels: Controls Panel and Settings Panel.

Castle Crusades UI

Figma Prototype

Click on the link to check it out. (The play button is on the top right when you open the link.)

This UI design was done in figma for Menu screens of a mock up game about castles for smart phones.

The UI shows different screens of the Menu i.e. Main Menu, Multiplayer Screen, Settings Screen, Loading Screen.


The Design also indicates how the game will load. It also shows button clicks and vaious pop-ups.

It has 3 accessibility options: Color-blind mode, Left-hand mode and Dyslexia mode.

This images displays how the UI will look like for people with Red-Green color blindness which is the most common form.